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17th July 2018 | Bailoran Solicitors

My name is Alexia Savar and I am a fourth year Masters in Law student at Northumbria University whilst also a working part-time as a Paralegal at Bailoran Solicitors in Leeds. For 2 years I have trave...


21st June 2018 | Bailoran Solicitors

As a director of a Limited Company you have many duties including exercising reasonable care, skill and diligence and declaring any interest in a proposed transaction or arrangement. You also have a d...


18th May 2018 | Bailoran Solicitors

As a general rule you are not permitted to use the same or similar name for a period of 5 years if you were: A former director of a liquidated company (“Oldco”); and this was within 12 m...


18th April 2018 | Bailoran Solicitors

If you run a business with anyone else then this is akin to a “Business Marriage”. A lot of people “tie the knot” without considering what may happen in the future whether the ...